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Quaid e Azam Personality Traits Are Inspiring

It has been described by Shamim Ahmed in his article, titled as “A Leaf from Jinnah’s Life” that Jinnah was a supremely confident man. While leaving for England, Quaid told his first cousin Fatima Ganji Vaji that when it will come back, I will return as a great man. When he  returned to India in 1896, then this 20-year-old Jinnah started to have a practice of Law in Bombay. He was a highly rational man. He had all the time valued veracity and also integrity.

What kind of a Personality Quaid-e-Azam had?

Quaid e Azam Personality

  • It is said by a senior lawyer and author named as Shariffuddin Pirzada, in his 1978 essay, “Some Aspects of Quaid-iAzam’s Life”, that Quaid was a just lawyer. He quoted an incident when the Chief Justice Davis found the courtroom to be packed to capacity. He ordered that the doors of the court room should be closed. But Jinnah gave a reply that ‘My Lord, the doors of justice should always be kept open ..!’
  • It is quoted by S. Iqbal in an article related to Jinnah that he had a firm and also steady style of arguing in all of his cases in the court. He used to justify his cases by giving them a touch of dry wit and also theatre. It was also revealed that Jinnah was in much love with the sophisticated Shakespearean theatre. He had all the time joined a Shakespearean theatrical company.
  • Quaid had an image of an honest and also being an upright man. He had a cosmopolitan and also at the same time, possessed rational understanding. He never and ever undermined the importance of having in hand a strong and also unbiased judiciary.
  • Quaid-e-Azam also hated moral hypocrisy. An incident was quoted by Aziz Beg in his book Jinnah and his Times (1986). He wrote that during the month of Ramazan, Jinnah just strolled out of the Constituent Assembly along with a cigar in his hand. Some of his colleagues asked him to put off this cigar but Quaid refused and gave a reply that ‘I am not a hypocrite!’
  • He was against corruption. When the party, that is The All India Muslim League had been offered a large sum of money to stop this independence and freedom movement. Then Quaid-e-Azam urged all of them Muslims not to take an anna of their money. He urged his party not to accept these silver bullets.

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It is the time that all of us start discovering the Jinnah’s Pakistan by keeping in mind these small incidents. Let us all have a Quaid’s Pakistan now!

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