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The Role of Industrialization In Economic Development In Pakistan

If we want our country Pakistan to be a developed one then we need to focus on its industrial sector. It is only this industrial sector that can make the economic sector of Pakistan a flawless one. If the industrial sector of Pakistan will be growing and expanding then our national income will be raised, their will be an increase in our employment opportunities and also our balance of payments will be improved. Here, you can check out that how this industrial sector plays an important role in the development of Pakistan:

The Role of Industrialization in making Pakistan a Developed country

  • It is a fact that in our country Pakistan this industry has always and all the time contributed in the economic sector of Pakistan. Both of the public and private sectors have played their due roles. Our industrial sector can better be able to flourish if it will be coupled with foreign capital along with the technical skills.
  • We need to have a pragmatic approach if we want to see some massive industrial development in our country. We need to have natural as well as human resources if we really want to witness some huge industrial growth.

The Role of Industrialization in Development In Pakistan

  • For a developed Pakistan, it is the duty of the government of Pakistan that they should be bringing and making the revival of those closed industrial units. We are in need of the potential entrepreneurs so that they can make their potential contributions in this industrial field.
  • We should be equalizing all of the conditions and also access to financing for these public and private sectors so that both of them can grow at an equal pace. For the development of Pakistan, it is the need to keep on improving the technical and also the financial performance of our public sector enterprises. It can be done with the help of administrative as well as institutional measures.

It is a fact that it is only this industrial sector of Pakistan that can guarantee the success and development of Pakistan in a positive way. The government of Pakistan should be reviving its industrial sector. We need to open up close and sick industrial units and we should one up new industrial units so that unemployment issue can be reduced.

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