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Women Taxi Karachi Phone Number Paxi Private Cab Service In Pakistan

If you have not heard about the Paxi Private Cab then here we are! It is the very first of its kind of women-exclusive kind of taxi service and it is all made for women by a woman. If you will use this Paxi then all the women will be able to enjoy the safest public transport always. For the information, this Paxi Pakistan Company, all of their taxis are driven by the women. They will only carry women passengers. On the Women’s day, this service was introduced and launched in the city of Karachi. With such kinds of projects, women will feel safer and protected taxi girl number.

At times, when women opts for a cab, they feel scared and insecure enough. They face bunch in number of issues whenever they have to grab a cab. Girls face some unfriendly environment when they have to go by buses. With the help of thisĀ  public transport, women and girls transport issues might get solved for Women Taxi Karachi Phone Number Paxi.

Further information of Women Taxi Karachi Phone Number Paxi Private Cab Service In Pakistan

  • This cab service is all starting with the 10 drivers. They will sooner give their services in the cities of Lahore and also in Islamabad. Right after the next three to about four months, you will see this taxi service in your cities taxi girl number. The drivers will be housewives and young women as well as students.

Phone Number IsĀ 021-111-11-7294

  • If you want to access this service then you can do that with the help of four modes, You can hail a cab right on the road. You can avail this service with the help of the phone app. You can reach to it through the call centre and with the help of SMS service.

Women Taxi Karachi Phone Number

  • Apart from this women-exclusive kind of service, this Paxi will also be introducing a motorbike taxi for all of the single commuters.

You should try this Paxi Private Cab as soon as possible. As this service is started in Karachi. For the people of Lahore and Islamabad out there, they have to wait for few more months. It is a commendable service all made for women. Now, females will not face any sort of inconvenience while getting a cab for theirselves. They can sit comfortably with these female drivers taxi girl number. If you will try this taxi service then do let us know.

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  1. It is indeed a great help for all especially the old people who wish to travel and have no on to assist them. These people cannot stand for hours on end for transport. I pray that service will continue to help all.

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