Asia Kabaddi Cup 2017 Schedule In Wah Cant Texila

Asia Kabaddi Cup 2016 in a new and improved picture would show the media covering sports and the whole world about the exposure of Pakistan to grow and retain its cultural history. This time, the event would be played between 7 teams including India as well. Asia Kabaddi Cup 2016 live would be available to the sports channels in Pakistan and many Indian fans would see it through television as well as online by exploring the video link or through making the trend on twitter for Asia Kabaddi Cup 2017 Schedul

would participate in an event. These teams would give a hard time to Pakistan to make the title remain at home.  According to Secretary General Pakistan Kabbadi Federation Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, the title would save as for as Pakistani concerns about the title. The sufficient security arrangement for these teams is being made so that there would be no unfortunate events as normally international media is spreading negativity about the Pakistan. Now for those who actually do not know about the Kabaddi.

For those, one would like to say that it is the most interesting as well as easy going game with transparent rules I concentrated form rather the complex rules and regulations. There are two teams of 7 players each face off each other in two halves of twenty minutes each and defend against the center line. There is a center line and one player from one team violates the line. When one team member violates the line he would see it as opportunity to tag the other team member or members. If he survive after tagging the friend and again come back in its own team place within short time frame after tagging than the point would be earn in such basis. 13 meter wide and 10 meter long divides by two teams equally. Here is the live demonstration of such in Asia Kabaddi Cup 2016 and Asia Kabaddi Cup Final would more attractive on the soil of Wah Cantt Taxila within 7 teams from Asia.

Asia Kabaddi Cup 2017 Schedule In Wah Cant Texila 

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Final Match Pakistan Vs India Kabaddi Match 2016
3rd Asia kabaddi cup 2016
Pakistan win 2nd time Asia Kabaddi Cup

Pakistan win 2nd time Asia Kabaddi Cup
But one must say that the charm to see the Asia Kabaddi Cup in the stadium has its own attraction and this time, the attraction would go to Pakistani Kabaddi fans waiting for the event for long. These fans are future players of Kabaddi and think to practice it through proper viewership aspect.

The tricks used in Kabaddi can approach only through intensive practice as well as by creating things live as happening.

  • India
  • Iran
  • Turkmenistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka


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