5G Bidding In Pakistan 2024 Tax Policies Of Pakistan On Telecom Business

It is true that the investors are reluctant and hesitant to make an investment and pour money into this telecom sector because of the unpredictable policies in this Telecom Business. Auction for 5G spectrum is in the pipeline but so far no excitement and hype is seen in the market. This 5G spectrum has a range of 1800 MHz and it is hoped that the telecom sector of Pakistan will be able to reap massive benefits. But no excitement is seen among the investors. Further details about this 5G Bidding In Pakistan 2024 are here, what is going around in the tax policies of this telecom sector of Pakistan, check out from here:

According to the investors, this sector is full of growth and huge potential but it is mainly because of the unpredictable tax policies that investors fail to take any initiative. Each and every year, the government finance bill bring amount of large in number of changes in certain tax laws. Because of these changes, negative effect is placed on the telecom infrastructure spectrum and on its network spectrum. These telecom companies cannot face much of the heavier taxation now. To save this sector, that is why these companies have competed strongly in the auctions of 3G and 5G spectrum.

These telecom companies are making hue effort so that they can well expand the cellular market at a domestic level. Heavier tax policies are now waning and fading their passion and enthusiasm level.

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5G Bidding In Pakistan 2024 Tax Policies Of Pakistan On Telecom Business

In 2014 auction, four of the operators participated and in 2024 auction, just a single operator participated. It is felt that none of the existing and current players have any kind of appetite for this upcoming bid. Interest of these operators as well as interest of these shareholders, it is faltering day by day.

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This heavier taxation only manage to serve the short term goals and objectives of the Government of Pakistan. But is is hurting the telecom sector of Pakistan in the long run. It is the need of the time that custom duties and also sales tax should be reduced on all of the imported mobile phones. We need to make this sector stronger and more flourished. Hopefully the government of Pakistan will understand the demands and concerns of this sector and make suitable and sensible tax policies.

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