Cybercrime Law In Pakistan Only Solution For Cyber Crime Facebook Twitter

According to FIA, the introduction and implementation of Cybercrime Law can only be the solution to a put a full stop on these Cybercrimes. It is reported by FIA that they have brought back now Raja Ubaidur Rehman from Saudi Arabia. He had been charged with putting up some of the objectionable images of his ex-wife by creating a fake facebook account. The woman told the FIA that her ex-husband did so because he wanted to create troubles in her second marriage. Now, Rehman has been charged under Section 36 because of accessing private information through an illegal information system. If the charges against him will be proved then he will be sent to jail for a time frame of 7 years.

Cybercrime Law In Pakistan

Increase of Cybercrimes in Pakistan

We have seen that through facebook and twitter, there is a massive increase of Cybercrimes in Pakistan. The authorities of FIA told the media that they are in wait that Cybercrime Law should be passed by the senate as soon as possible. With the help of this law, FIA will be able to better check and keep an eye on these Cybercrimes.

Cybercrime Law- The only solution for Cybercrimes

  • In Pakistan, many types of Cybercrimes have been existing like that of cyber stalking and also fake identities on social media sites. It is heard that large in a number of civil society has been opposing and they are against this Cybercrime Law because they are of this view that this law will stop and put troubles in their freedom of expression.
  • According to this Cybercrime Law, all of the ISPS Internet services providers will be regulated for sure. You will be signing treaties with Google as well as with facebook and twitter that you will not post any of the objectionable treatment.
  • FIA told the media that they have been receiving large in a number of Cybercrime complaints day by day like that of fake IDs and uploading of objectionable pictures.

This Cybercrime Law should be passed, it is for our own betterment.

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