Google Tribute To Abdul Sattar Edhi By Showing Life Timeline On Homepage

At Pakistan level, there were many activities the whole nation saw on the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi. Those activities included the Guard of honor for him. The combined leadership was present at that time and finally many things relating to the funeral of the most respectful person in Pakistan. The national level activities are obvious because everyone can imagine it and should represent it ideally. There are real and some stories impacted at international level and Abdul Sattar Edhi Story was one of those stories. There were many international organizations and international figures who actually speaks about Abdul Sattar Edhi.

But here I would like to show you the tribute given by Google To Abdul Sattar Edhi which shows the best way towards such personality who’s legacy would never end. The best sign in this personality that he always talk about the humanity and took Islam in real manners.  Google is one of the first organization who pay tribute to  such level that no one dares to do about a Pakistani man. The best tag line I found on Google while searching about Abdul Sattar Edhi that one who inquire about pains of people in the whole world now not among us and now the whole world is again in pain.

Google Tribute To Abdul Sattar Edhi By Showing Life Timeline On Homepage

Google Tribute To Abdul Sattar Edhi

Google saw many features consider him to show him on the homepage but one can say that the most famous feature after his death would be his act to donate eyes to blind person. It means that implicit meaning of such thing is to consider the same Edhi legacy towards next generation. I personally feel that Google may decide to show some respects towards this personality because it considers that person would never die with such positives features. The same thing Google may consider while putting a name and life timeline of Abdul Sattar Edhi.

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