How Cybercrime Works Some Chinese Cyber Criminals In Karachi Pakistan

It has been reported by FIA that some of the Chinese cyber criminals have been operating in Karachi. A Chinese national has also been arrested. He had been allegedly charged with stealing the data of some private bank. It has been notified that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) that it is an organized group and many people have been involved in this charge as well. A bank notified the FIA that a transaction had also been made from its branch Defence Society. These criminals have made this transaction with the help of stolen data.

Chinese Cyber Criminals In Karachi Pakistan

How Cybercrime Works

It is through and with the help of a skimming device that these Chinese nationals try to keep on stealing data from the private banks of Pakistan. FIA had also arrested a suspect, his name is Xie Yi and he had ben sent to jail as well on a 14-day judicial remand. These Chinese nationals have been carrying out this crime with the assistance of some of the local operatives.

How Cyber crime works?

It is actually through phishing then you get a  control on someone else bank account. You just need a scam letter and also a scam page right in your chosen language to carry out this process. If you will send out 100,000 phishing emails then it will cost you just $60.

What should be done?

  • FIA should be expanding the scope and depth of their investigation. They should too be approaching the Chinese authorities so that suitable and complete clues can find out about these suspects.
  • We have to reduce this rise and increase of cyber crime. It is seen that most of the cyber-criminals belong to the poor countries like that of Eastern Europe, they are also from South America and also from South-East Asia. We have to keep an eye on them.

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