How To Send And Receive Money Through Jazzcash In Pakistan

It is the time that you should be using the services of Jazz cash. With the help of this service, you can send and receive money within seconds. This service is now available all over Pakistan. It comes with a limited time offer so make sure that you should be the one to avail this Jazz cash service.

Conditions to use this Jazz cash service

  • If you are a Jazz prepaid customer then you are eligible for this offer.
  • You will be getting free minutes and also free SMS if you will use this service.
  • In each single month, you can use this service twice a time.

How to send money by using Jazzcash?

  • You should be bringing your original CNIC.
  • You have to tell a valid one CNIC number of the recipient.
  • Do tell the correct contact numbers of the sender as well as the receiver.
  • After this, you will be asked to enter 5 digit password. This 5 digit passcode will be communicated by you to the recipient.
  • Then final conformation message will be delivered to both sender and the receiver.

How to receive money by using Jazzcash?

  • If you want to receive money then you need to show your CNIC at the retailer shop.
  • You have to tell the transaction ID of yours, this Id is there on your conformation message.
  • Then you have to enter that 5 digit pass code.
  • This is all, your money will be received by you.



Do try this Jazzcash service. This method is all easy. If you are living in some backward area and you are in urgent need of money and some relative of yours have sent you money then you can receive that money by using this Jazzcash service. Jazz has all the time carried out productive tasks for its customers. In the future time as well, it will keep on be coming up with such fruitful services.

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