Online Shopping In Pakistan Cash on Delivery or Card Thanks To Wider Internet Access

It is because of wider internet access, lots of discounts and sales and presence of smart phones that the trend of online shopping in Pakistan has been increasing day by day. It is heard and some one has predicted that in the net three years, these malls and plazas will only be for recreation and enjoyment and people will actually do their shopping through this online way.

Online Shopping In Pakistan- Pakistani individual still feels hesitant

In Pakistan, most of the time, it is seen that some people feel hesitant enough to do this online shopping. They make these complaints that their order has been not been delivered on time, they get damaged and faulty items in their hands. Some of the people have started checking just price through online way and then they physically go to the store and mall to get that desired item for themselves.

Online Shopping In Pakistan

Pakistani E-commerce places have faced double-digit success on this Eid 2016

The country manager of told the media that we got to see double-digit growth of these online sales. When we compare it to the last year then their online sales actually rose by the percentage of 30%. He too told the media that it was because of hot weather as well as rain issues that people normally prefer to have online shopping on this Eid 2016. Now, people have been spending most of their time on their smart phones and each and after the other day, they do buy something online for themselves. On this Eid 2016. the online retailer too witnessed large in a number of online sales from their side. Right on Kaymu, the sales of their watches as well as of their jewellery reached the maximum height.

It is the time to do online shopping now, save your petrol cost, save your time and get these items right at your door step.

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