Register Online Cyber Crime Complaint Fill Form NR3C Pakistan

If you want to put down your Cyber Crime Complaint then you have to fill up a form. For the information, National Response Centre has ben created by FIA and they will be helping you out if you are facing some kind of technological abuse. This initiative has been taken by FIA which is a law enforcement agency. This agency has been dedicated to fighting with these cyber crimes. Through this center, FIA will be able to curb this technological abuse in our society.

Register Online Cyber Crime Complaint

National Response Centre to control cyber crimes in Pakistan

This National Response Centre for Cyber Crime (NR3C) will be dealing with the technology based and kind of crimes in Pakistan. It will be directly receiving the complaints. It will also be assisting rest of  aw enforcement agencies. They have expertise and experience in Digital Forensics. Their expertise also includes technical Investigation as well as an audit of Information System Security. This National Response Centre has by far conducted and commenced large in a number of workshops for the print and also for the electronic media.

Cyber scouts- initiative was taken by National Response Centre

This Cyber Scouts will be the latest initiative of this National Response Centre. According to it, students will be selected from different and wide in range of private and public schools. They will be given  training so that they can deal with all kinds of computer emergencies

Register Online Cyber Crime- Fill up the Complaint form

You have been facing cyber threats then you have to fill up the form. Mention the details like your name, contact number, gender, the details of the threats and then FIA will be making a proceeding of your case. It is a simple form. In future, if you think that some one has been harassing you on the social media site then you should be notifying this issue to FIA by filling up this complaint form. Your issue will be addressed as soon as possible.

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