Stop Suicide Through Social Media Facebook Twitter Watching You

It is a fact that whatever kind of activities we do on social media, they directly or indirectly portray our personality. Just a few times back, facebook has come up with these emojis, they are a set of expressions which people have been using most of the time. If you are sad, if you want to laugh, if you are sad and depressed then people make use of these emojis. These expressions and these emojis tell us our mind health. It is through these smilies that people get know about your psychological health as well.

Research by Computer scientists and psychological experts

Stop Suicide Through Social Media

  • A research has been carried out by Computer scientists and psychological experts. In that research, they have proved these facts that these emojis and expressions used on social media sites portray our psychological health.
  • These social media sites like that facebook and twitter tell other people about the psychological health of yours. Through these expressions, people can get a clear idea that what kind of personality you have!

Machine learning and algorithms can tell us about the psyche of an individual

It has been proved that it is through machine learning and algorithms as well as through mathematical analysis that we can get to know that whether an individual is prone to make suicide or not. Through these tools and with the help of these social media sites, the practice of making a suicide can be stopped. It has been reported that in United states of America, the practice of suicide trend is increased by 24%. Many and most of the researchers are of this belief that people can for sure be stopped of making a suicide.

The achievements of Glen Coppersmith in this aspect has been much appreciated. He and his fellows made an analysis of the users when they had been sharing their statuses and tweets on facebook and twitter.

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