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10 Islamic Historical Events In Ramadan Pakistan History As well

In the month of Ramadan, many of the historical events took place. That is why this spiritual month has all the time given extra attention. This month gives us this opportunity to eradicate our sins, to do good deeds. Here, read the 10 Islamic Historical Events that took place in the month. This month is a month of miracles.

10 Islamic Historical Events In Ramadan month

In this Holy month, the revelation of Holy Quran was started on 27th of Ramadan. Quran is the complete guidebook for us. It gives us the explanations, it tells us and gives us the clues that what is right and what is wrong! Quran was revealed in this blessed month.

  • In this Ramadan month, Makkah was also liberated. Makkah was liberated on the 20th of Ramadan. In this event, Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him destroyed and vanished all of the idols of Makkah. Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him along with His 3000 troops ended the 10,000 troops of Quraish.
  • Here in this Ramadan-ul- Mubarak month, Torah was bestowed upon Hazrat Musa (A.S)
  • Hazrat Khadija (R.A ) died in this month. She accepted Islam in this Ramadan month.
  • In this Ramadan-ul- Mubarak month, Bible was bestowed upon Hazrat Essa (A.S).
  • Hazrat Hassan (R.A) was born in this spiritual month.

Ramadan Date In Pakistan

  • On 17th Ramadan, Muslims defeated pagans, it was the event of Badr. This battle is named as Battle of Badr. For the information, Badr is a place in which you will see that a valley has been located between the cities of Medina and also Mecca. It is through the controlled strategic locations that Muslims won this Battle of Badr. 70 pagans were kills and 70 of the pagans were captured by the Muslims.
  • In this Ramadan-ul- Mubarak month, Zabur was bestowed upon Hazrat Dawood (A.S).
  • Hazrat Ayesha (R.A ) died in this month.
  • On 27th Ramadan 1366 Hijri, Islamic Republic of Pakistan emerged on the world map. It got its independence on 14th Aug 1947.

10 Islamic Historical Events In Ramadan Pakistan History As well

Do not miss the golden opportunity of this Ramadan month because, during this time, Allah showers His blessings more and more on His people. Pray in this month, do good deeds and stay away from sins.

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