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Are Anti Terror Laws Effective Solution In Pakistan

Pakistan is a failed state when it considered law and security measures at overall perspective. There is no denial in getting the stance that law is a new approach to shutting any terror activity in countries and same with the reason of Pakistan. The effort to make law transparent is a new way to think about the law related disparities in Pakistan. The government is announcing Law terror laws but the implementation is needed.

Anti Terror Laws In Pakistan

The present government of Pakistan is also dealing has been struggling with security issues in Pakistan since the win. The state is miserable with no or least efforts to apply anti terror law. There are many numbers of measurement that can apply but the government only seek new anti-terror law as an approach. It is not hard to analyze that Pakistan is negating the actual need of law or justice system in the country.

Anti Terror Laws In Pakistan

The protection of Pakistan law is being considered as coordination body to be applied to all needs of a justice system. The protection of Pakistan is needy activity and it is possible to protect  through proper implementation rather than formulation of the new law at any approach. The most powerful activity made by law thinkers in Pakistan is new anti terror activity here in the country. The recent passed National Country Terrorism Authority is responsible for all anti terror activities in Pakistan.

The only one weakness lies in getting the full advantage of these anti terror laws. The weakness that is sufficient to go away with law implication in a justified manner. The way that is complex in structure and delayed in implementation. The lack of interest is only weakness that is entirely against the perfect implication of National Counter Terrorism Authority. There is no sign of transformation from one perspective to another.

For example, the implication of Protection of Pakistan Act is questionable over here when the debate of anti-terror laws started so far. There are about thirty cases that were registered. The tenure of one and half year and there is insufficient cases under this act is actually stance against the law formulation. There is no way shows that current government took the right decision in giving authorities to PoPA and NACTA as the major body for all anti-terror efforts over here in the country. There is some confusion in implementing afore mentioned both laws but the confusion remains without serious interest. It is very hard for one to say that Future of Pakistan is bright in respect to terror activities in Pakistan.

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