Bakra Mandi In Lahore Visit For Bakra Qurbani Cow And Camel Eid Ul Adha 2022

Every Year people in Pakistan particularly in Lahore search for bakra mandi in Lahore. One can know it very well because in Lahore almost 3 days before eid ul Adha are days to get the best sacrificial animal as much as possible. The price does not matter for the young generation because they have no idea about the price and issues of expenses in Bakra Mandi In Lahore Visit For Bakra Qurbani Cow.

Below mentioned are some aspects every Lahori is finding in bakra mandi in Lahore

  1. Doonda (2 teeth) Ho 1 year Age
  2. Seeng (Horn) Na toota Ho
  3. Khor (feet) Na toota Ho
  4. kan (Ear) Na Kata Ho
  5. Dant (Teeth) Na Toota Ho


If your Bakra on this eid ul Adha is perfect according to above-mentioned aspects then you made a right choice after visiting bakra mandi in Lahore. 25000 to 35000 is enough for Bakra Qurbani 50000 To Lakh or Above enough for Cow or Camel Qurbani. If You are searching for one of the best for social worth aspect then costs have no limit. Negotiation Is Key element while going for bakra mandi in Lahore. Keep the best negotiator or marketing sale person with you while visiting bakra mandi as recommended by us.

eid ul azha animals for sale In Lahore

Bakra Mandi In Lahore Visit For Bakra Qurbani Cow And Camel Eid Ul Adha 2022

The elders in the family almost in Lahore considered the cost factor while visiting bakra mandi in Lahore. It is important to note that older in the family always search for both as kids and elders are looking. Older or senior citizens remains in touch with the market price and have the idea because they experienced such things in previous life. Eid ul Adha is not a small event in the muslim community and all age groups celebrate with the same pace.

The ladies before 3 days of Eid Ul Adha have no concern with the animal buying in normal observation. They are attractive enough to get the best dress to wear and show the same in the community. Ladies have tough and busiest day on Eid ul Adha, therefore, to got to bakra mandi in Lahore and get a bakra or cow to sacrifice to ALLAH is not a headache. Nature divide the responsible to get the bakra and cook it divide it equally is the responsibility of ladies in the family.

Mostly middle-class families in Lahore try to get the best animal because they knew that all blessings of ALLAH would get soon due to this small act in Islamic history. It is every year a good place and pleasant thing to visit bakra mandi in Lahore and all age groups enjoyed it a lot. Older prefer to go to bakra mandi just before a day but the no clue about the price variation in bakra mandi in Lahore tends those to get the best in all aspects. The best with an aspect of cost and best regarding quality of animals.

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