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Ramadan Pictures Wallpapers Collection 2017 For Mobile Phone

Now it is the end of Shaban and today Pakistan is celebrating its first day of Ramadan by fasting all the day. There is no one in Pakistan who is not aware of the importance of Ramadan and Islamic significance to fast except he is under the rock. The Ramadan is the month of getting the maximum blessings of Allah by obeying the rules prepared by Allah for this month. The best rule among those is the rule to get the proper timing of Sehar and Iftar and the exact timing finally published in Ramadan Calendar 2017 Pakistan and Ramadan Pictures Wallpapers Collection

Now, what about the other rules during fast so that each Muslim can obey the rules and got a maximum piece of blessings from Allah. There is a simple way to follow those rules.  The first rule is not to eat and not to drink in any condition from dawn to dusk. In Ramadan Dawn timing known as Sheri timing and dusk knew as Iftar timing. For example, the today dusk in Lahore is 07: 34 PM. These timings are not mentioned in Quran about Fast but the dusk and dawn are mentioned so that each digital aspect could be considered in such manner and should practice by the people of that timing.

Ramadan Pictures Wallpapers Collection 2017 For Mobile Phone

From this aspect, we can judge that Allah Almighty is an entity with energy only is beyond our understanding. Allah has made for us the whole life schedule for all people to come unless the end of this physical world and its activities. The next rule is to avoid and not to think about any kind of sin in this month so that best part of blessings of Allah could approach you ideally. Now let’s talk about the activities of Young generation during Ramadan. Ramadan Pictures And Wallpapers Collection 2017 For Mobile Phone

ramadan wallpaper 2016-3

The young people have strength to keep the fast in the best way but that does not mean to get the shopping place after every Iftar by saying that there is no binding of doing sin anymore.

ramadan wallpaper 2016-2

The best way as I want to suggest to keep your information Technology gadgets away from sin material.

ramadan wallpaper 2016-1

It is not a good practice at any cost and it is entirely against the order of Allah. It is not the suggested way by Allah.

ramadan wallpaper 2016That material that can give you the chance to do sin should be removed from your mobile phone at least for this month. Maybe such think can create the habit in you to avoid sin. Here is best collections of Ramadan Wallpapers For your mobile Phone and you can save it.

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