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Bulleh Shah Urs 2017 Date Expected In August

It is expected that the Bulleh Shah Urs 2016 will be on 28th Aug 2016. In the previous 2015, this urs took place on 28th Aug 2015 and chances are that this Bulleh Shah Urs 2016 might be taking place on same date. For the information, this urs will take place for 3 days. On this urs, a public holiday usually take place in that district so that maximum number of people, men and women and kids can take part and participate in this Urs.

On this Urs, a ghusal or you can say that bath is usually given to the shrine and then chaddar is also laid on the shrine. Fool proof and complete kind of security system will be carried and arranged in this Urs. In the 2nd day of Urs, we see the activities of Quran Khawani, on this 2nd day, a contest of speech is also taking place among the students. Maehfile Sama is organized by the Qawals. In this Urs, many of the local poets take part and read out the poetic verses. These three day celebration of this Bulleh Shah Urs 2016 will be magical in their own way.

Bulleh Shah Urs 2017 Date Expected In August

Bulleh Shah Urs

  •  As people attend this Urs in a large and massive quantity that is why the administration side makes sure that the security system is effective enough.

Bulleh Shah Urs 2016

  • The celebration and activities of this urs are started with the recitation of Holy Quran. Naat recitals and also poetry recitals take place, chaddar is laid down by people.

Bulleh Shah Urs Celebrations

You should not miss out this Urs. If you will get a chance and if you have time then you should attend this Bulleh Shah Urs 2016. it will be 3 days Urs, you can come on any day. Rescue personnel and security personnel will be there, they will be giving you protection. You will love this Urs and will be lost in that magical environment.

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