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Cotton Crop Spray Treatment In Urdu For Farmers In Pakistan

For all the cotton crops farmers, we have this very important message for you. If you want to see massive growth and production of your cotton crops then it is highly important for you to carry out the spray treatment on time. If you will be spraying down your cotton crops on time then your cotton crops will be free from all kinds of infections and insects.

Cotton Crop Spray Treatment importance

  • With this cotton crop spray treatment, no insect will attack your cotton crops. It is because of these insects that your cotton crops witness less amount of growth and production. You should make your crops free from all kinds of insects attack and this is possible if you will do and carry out regular spray treatment on your cotton crops.
  • Before you carry out this spray treatment, you need to make sure that what is the level of water in your crops, you should also check the calibration of your spray machine. You should be spraying your cotton crops up to a limited extent. The more you will spray your cotton crops, it will also affect their production and growth. You should spray your cotton crops up to a balanced amount.


Cotton Crop Spray Treatment In Urdu For Farmers In Pakistan

Cotton Crop Spray Treatment In Urdu

  • Make sure that your spray process should reach to each and every plant of the cotton crop. you should not carry out this spraying process at the noon time,do not carry out this process at the rain time or if it is windy.

It is the time that all of the farmers in Pakistan should be protecting their cotton crops from these infectious insects. If you will keep in mind the above-mentioned guidelines then we are sure that your cotton crops will remain protected from insects and these crops will for sure give massive production of cotton.

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