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Disadvantages Of Rote Memorization Learning Pakistan Examples

We have this trend of Ratta in Pakistan for a long time. Most of the students opt for this ratta scheme and get numbers and scores in their exams, Because of this Rote Memorization Learning culture, our students fail in the professional field. This kind of learning fails to grow their minds and thinking potential. Here, you can have a look at the disadvantages of this Rote Memorization Learning culture in Pakistani students:

Disadvantages Of Rote Memorization Learning culture in Pakistan

  • Because of this Rote Memorization, students fail in their real lives. They fail to implement their concepts and applications in their real lives.
  • Our Pakistani text books have not been designed in a proper way. They do not carry the latest and updated knowledge. The major problem is that all of our Pakistani text books fail to carry and ask that hypothetical questions from their students.



  • In Pakistani schools, we do not see the involvement of teachers with their students. Teachers do not ask questions from their students. They just give them tests, students do the Rote Memorization of those tests and get marks. This tip can be useful for short time period. But this Rote Memorization learning will be harmful to you in the longer run.
  • If you will do Ratta then your mind will not be able to be constructed in a stronger way. You will become a bookworm and you will not put attention to understand the concepts. Our Pakistani school’s books do not at all focus on the real life applications. They consist of an outdated syllabus.
  • Suppose you ask a 10th class Pakistani student to apply this Newtons 1st Law of motion in his real life, he will fail to do so. It is because of this fact that he did the Rote Memorization of that law, he did not understand that law.

This Rote Memorization Learning culture should be removed from Pakistan right away. We need to build and create intellectual and genius Pakistani students and right is the time to do so!

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