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Fitra Calculation 2023 Pakistan Minimum Rate Of Fitra Per Person In Pakistani Rupees

For the information, Fitra Calculation 2023 Pakistan Minimum Rate Of Fitra Per Person In Pakistani Rupees Fitra is a religious donation and it is donated by those people who cannot continue with their fasts. According to the teachings of Islam, this donation has a fixed amount. If you are not fasting this time because of some reasons or if you are ill then you can compensate this loss of fasting by giving fidya. Here the details of Fitra calculation 2023 Pakistan are here. In further  read you have the idea about Fitra Calculation 2023 Pakistan Minimum Rate Fitra

You will know that how this religious donation is calculated. In Pakistan, this donation is given in cash or food form. It has this fixed amount of Rs 100. It is finalized and decided by the Chairman Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee that the fixed amount of fitrana this time if Rs 100. Those Muslims who cannot fast, they have to give Rs 100 on each single missed fast of them.

If they will not fast for 30 days so that means they will have to pay rs 3000 for these entire 30 days. This Rs 300 amount is equivalent to the cost and price of flour. You can also pay this fitrana religious donation just equal to the price and cost of barley, equal to the cost of dates or raisins.

Fidya Amount 2019 Pakistan

Price Of Wheat Fidya Amount In Pakistan 2019100
Price of Barley Fidya Amount In Pakistan 2019400
Price of Date Fidya Amount In Pakistan 20191600
Price of raisins Fidya Amount In Pakistan 20191920
Price of Cheese Fidya Amount In Pakistan 20192940
If anyone had been unable to keep fast for the whole month of Ramadan, he or she should pay ‘fidya’ as compensation worth
Flour Price3000
Berley 12000
Raisin 57600
‘Kufara’ (compensation) for leaving 30 fasts in
Raisin 115200
Raisin 19200
fidya amount in pakistan

Fitra Calculation 2023 Pakistan Minimum Rate Fitra Per Person In Pakistani Rupees

For barley, you have to give Rs 320 daily. For Dates, you have to give Rs 1680 daily and for the raisins, Muslims have to give Rs 1600 on those fasting days which they have missed. So if we talk about the whole fasting month which you have missed, this makes Rs. 19,200 for the barley, Muslims have to give Rs. 96,000 for dates and the amount of Rs. 96,000 for raisins for their whole missed out month of Ramadan.

Fitra Rate Pakistan 2023

Moreover, Muslims can too pay this Sadqa-e-Fitr in the form of excess food products and items which they possess right before the day of Eid ul fitar. If you have this responsibility to pay fidya for the rest of your family members then you have to give this religious donation on behalf of them as well. It is always advised and suggested that one should give this Fitrana right before Eid-ul-Fitr. This donation is given to the most and extreme deserving people, if there are needy neighbors at your end then you can give this fidya to them. Stay tuned with us and more information regarding this fitra will be given to you for Fitra Calculation 2023 Pakistan Minimum Rate Fitra

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