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Government Hajj Package 2018 Price, Application Documents, Passport, CNIC, Photos

So, you are so close to search the exact price of government Hajj Package 2018. It means you are physically fit to perform the Hajj. It means you are ready to go to the Hajj with all conditions mentioned in Hajj 2017 policy. You have valid NADRA CNIC with all required verification. At last but not the least, you have machine-readable passport with you. If all things are important and there for you have to go with the confidence through the Hajj Application process. The any branch of the United Bank Hajj Application would be there to facilitate those applicants who are there to get the maximum attention in the Queue for Government Hajj Package Price

The application for Hajj Government Package acceptable from 17 2017 to 26 April 2017. It is quite sure that these guidelines would help Hujjaj to maintain the easiness in the hajj application. There are two regions divided by the Government Hajj Package. The one region is South Region including Karachi, Sakker and Quetta.

Government Hajj Package 2018 Price, Application Documents, Passport, CNIC, Photos

The north region includes the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtun Khawa. The south region people who wants to get the package with sacrificial animal should pay about 283050 as Government Hajj Package 2017. Without animal reservation the price of government hajj Package is 270,000 for south regions areas only.

Government Hajj Package Pruice UBL MCB

The north region price for government Hajj Package is 10000 expensive then South Region Hajj Package price. The 280000 without animal reservation and about 293050 with Animal reservation for government Hajj package 2017. These prices can confirm by visiting the nearby branches. Any other hidden charges if the Bank has not included in this package.

Most of the banks well reputed banks in Pakistan and no charging hidden prices for the Package. Therefore, it is important to know that everyone should aware about Govt Hajj Package price. The required documents to go with the application are CNIC, required documents as guided by the bank application and 10 snaps with 3 by 4 size.

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