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Guide You The Legal Way To Get Canada Immigration By PR Card

Many of the people want to get a Canada Immigration on a permanent basis. They can do so by getting this PR card. So what is the process to get this PR card? How can you apply for this Canada Immigration? We can tell you the details and complete process. This PR card is known the permanent resident card. You have to carry this card along with you all the times whenever you will be boarding a flight.

What is the eligibility to get this Canada Immigration by PR card?

  • To get this PR card, you should be having your own permanent resident status in the country of Canada.
  • You should be living in Canada. To get this card, you should make sure that you have never and ever been asked by the authorities of Government to leave this place. Your history and past details should be clear.
  • You should not be a Canadian citizen to get this card. You have to be a Non-Canadian citizen.
  • How much is the validity of this Canada Immigration by PR Card?
  • Keep in mind that this PR card only remains valid for a time frame of 5 years. It is issued for once and a single time in 1 year. As soon as the date will expire, your PR card will not remain valid.


When should You apply?

  • If you do not get in hand your PR card right within the 180 days of immigration then you should apply for it. If your card has been expired then you can apply to get new one PR card.
  • If your card has been destroyed or stolen by someone, then get a new one. To update your name on this card, even then you have to make a new card for yourself.

For the concerned people, you can now get your Canada Immigration by PR Card. Get start with the processing of this card and make your lives an easier one now.

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