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Honour Killings In Pakistan At International Level Qandeel Baloch Murder Response

Just a few days back, we got to see the murder of this social media celebrity named as Qandeel Baloch. Her murder has now echoed right in in the UK’s House of Commons. It is now said by UK Prime Minister Theresa that there is no honor in this honor kind of violence. She is of this view that the killing of Qandeel and that too by her own brother cannot at all be justified as this ‘honour killing’.

Honour Killings In Pakistan

Honour Killings In Pakistan At International Level- Qandeel Baloch Murder case

  • UK Prime Minister Theresa is of this view that we have to stop these vile acts. It is the time that we should be stopping and putting a full stop on these honor killing acts. Women are not at all a property of men.
  • She called this honor killing as a form of extremism. She said that this extremism has a wide range of forms and among them, we have this honor killing form.
  • She, UK Prime Minister Theresa convinced the Government of Pakistan that they need to extract out the roots of this honor killing. This killing is a violent act. It is a criminal act.

How Honour Killings In Pakistan can be stopped?

We should be stop justifying these crimes. It is the time that we should be removing this word Honour from these killings! The murderer of these honor killings should not be spared. He should be hanged till death. The murder of any woman or girl in terms of just Honour is a killing, it is a murder, it is a crime.

We need to think on this sensitive issue seriously for one more time. The honor killings in Pakistan should be stopped. We need to give and pay respect to women rather than killing them only! The killing of Qandeel Baloch has opened our eyes, we need to find out a solution now.

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