How Much Is Fidya For Ramadan 2022 In Pakistan Fixed Fidya Amount

The question is being answered here that How Much Is Fidya For Ramadan 2022 In Pakistan Fixed Fidya Amount. According to the analyst Sadqa-e-Fitr has been fixed at RS 100 per head this year. It is decided by the central Ruet-e-hilal Committee chairman Mufti Muneebur Rehman. fidyah calculator 2022 Pakistan estimates that about 2.25 KG of flour that is amount of Rs 100 PKR per head calculated as Fitrana.

How Much Is Fidya For Ramadan 2022 In Pakistan

Fidya Amount 2019 Pakistan

Price Of Wheat Fidya Amount In Pakistan 2019100
Price of Barley Fidya Amount In Pakistan 2019400
Price of Date Fidya Amount In Pakistan 20191600
Price of raisins Fidya Amount In Pakistan 20191920
Price of Cheese Fidya Amount In Pakistan 20192940
If anyone had been unable to keep fast for the whole month of Ramadan, he or she should pay ‘fidya’ as compensation worth
Flour Price3000
Berley 12000
Raisin 57600
‘Kufara’ (compensation) for leaving 30 fasts in
Raisin 115200
Raisin 19200
fidya amount in pakistan

Every muslim is liable to possess food in excess of his needs. Always pay Sadqa-e-fitr before the Eid prayers. For example, the person who is bread winner will also pay the Sadqa-e-fitr for his dependants. It includes Wife Children, Depent relatives and servants.

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