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Imamia Jantri 2024 Pdf Online Reading Shia iftikhar book depot

The page shall find you Imamia Jantri 2024 Pdf Online Reading Shia iftikhar book depot. The possible way out here is to get the jantri in a few clicks. Currently, we are offering Imamia Jantri Shia only to download and read online. It is a trend nowadays to get an idea of how would be the day. It is totally based on the calculation of stars with Islamic knowledge. Everyone should indulge themselves with factors that persuades parents to find a good time for marriage. In this book, you will find the prayer times of shia Maslak as well. The importance of prayer cannot be undone in any way. The purpose of this page is to make things easy for everyone who wants to know about the Islamic knowledge.

Imamia Jantri 2024 Pdf Online Reading Shia Iftikhar Book Depot

The good and bad day depends upon the wiladat and shahdat of imam as well according to shia. Most of the time its depends upon the Qamar and Shamsi solar system. The knowledge of stars is not so easy therefore we are providing you shia imamia jantri 2024. It is a complete book to know when you construct a house. When to marry a girl. What is the best time to fix engagements? Even it shows when to starts and ends the journey as well.

Istikhara Karne Ka Tarika

The third paradigm is to explore what is istikhara and how we should do istikhara from Quran. It is another way to get idea about the wish of Allah Almighty. Some school of thoughts never thought so. But, we are talking about the major school of thought here. Remember, we are not disobey anyone in this regard. We will share what is included in this imamia jantri 2024 shia. The method of istikhara is simple first you have to offer prayer and mostly recommended fajr prayer. When you just finished fajr prayer, just recede suarah e toheed 3 times and recide salwat on Muhammad wa aly e Muhammad in odd numbers only. When that, just open the Quran. Read the first verse of Quran on right side page and you will surely get the answer of query in your mind.

Imamia Jantari Photo

This method is famous for marriage match as well. Most of ulema recommends this method to check either future bride and groom are compatible with each other of not. Most of the people search islamic jantri 2024 for marriage because they knew that they will get the answer from such method. Now in this imamia jantri there is another method of istikhara as well.

Second Method of Istikhara

The aforementioned method associated with Hazrat Ali A.S. according to this Imamia jantri pdf online reading. The next method associated with the last imam means imam of our time Hazrat Mehdi A.S. commonly known as Imam Al Asar A.S. This method is 3 verse tasbeeh. One has to stand towads qibla and recide salwaat 3 days before the dua and 3 times after the dua. Dua is mentioned on page 4 left side starting with Bismillah.

Istikhara Timings and Days

The next thing days and timings for doing istikhara. Every day has its own importace and good timing for istikhara. imamia jantri 2024 shia now mentioned about every day like when to do istikhara on Friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. The page 4 just after the imam e zaman method of istikhara one can find days with timings as well. You will get the idea how days and timings plays an important role in this method.

Names of Allah Almighty

The page 5 of imamia jantri 2024 pdf online now mentioned name of allah almighty. All these names with meanings are mentioned there. Remember when we say page 5 that mentioned phsyically page 5 not mentioned on page. It may be differ.

Name of Muhammad SAWW

The 6th page now mentioned the names of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. These names are quite soothing for rooh when you recide them. Names with full meaning also mentioned in shia imamia jantri 2024.

Names of Hazrat Ali A.S.

The 7th page mentions Names of Hazrat Ali A.S. but these are just other names mentioned qualities of Hazat Ali A.S. Most of the names are from their ruler period as well because most of the people now that Hazrat Ali A.S. governance period is far famous then others due to justified decisions.

Names of Hazrat Bibi Fatima S.A. 

The 8th page mentioned names of Bibi Fatima S.A. According to shia school of thought they have to mentioned the wife of hazrat Ali A.S. after Hazrat Ali. A.S. names.

Nahjulbalagha Khutba

The 9th page now mentions nahjulbalagha Khutba and this khutba has its own importance. Since, i an not comparing this version of shia imamia jantri 2024 with other previous versions. Therefore, it is hard to say either every edition mentioned one Khutba from nahjulbalgha or not.

Munajaat E Namaz

The last section of page 10 mentions Munajaat e namaz after prayer. It is better to not to talk to anyone after namaz and recite these munajaat.

Names of Shuaday e Karabala

The entire 11th page mentions names of Shuaday e karabala. Shia parents wants kids to memoies these names so they get history of kabrala in no age.

Islamic Calendar 2024

imamia jantri 2024 shia now mentions Islamic Calendar 2024 as well. Its starts from Page 52 physically and page 50 written at the page. For example, this page mentioned entire 31 days of january 2024 and also mentioned either it is Nailk, nahs or Nahs e akbar in the entire sense, Further it mentioned specifically either it is good for journey or not. May be you will find blank spaces on the day reminder indiviually. Means you can do anything in this day. Further Islamic history also shared Wiladat and Shahadat or All imam of Shia. It also mentioned what january 2024 known in the islamic name. Last but not the least it also mentioned the urs of Uleia e karam or islamic events.

So, It is complete islamic calendar also mentioned in this imamia jantri 2024 shia. Now you can imamia jantri 2024 pdf download as well in the above given link to get the actuall idea what would be next sections of jantri.

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