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Impact Of Ranking Competition At Academic Culture Within Institutes In Pakistan

It is according to the experts that the race towards ranking and rating of universities is affecting a lot in a negative way the academic culture of these universities. We have now entered in this ranking competition, this practice is not at all fruitful for our universities. The academic experts are of this belief and view that the main purpose and aim of universities is to design best academic courses and environment for their students.

  • In the University of Health sciences, a debating session took place in which the main and primary topic of discussion were that this ranking competition is affecting our academic culture in a negative and disastrous way and manner.
  • The Vice Chancellor of Agriculture University Faisalabad was of this view that now universities only give attention that how they can higher rating and ranking from HEC. Their priority is not now academic culture improvement.

Impact Of Ranking Competition At Academic Culture

Impact Of Ranking Competition At Academic Culture Within Institutes In Pakistan

  • Professor Nadeem Hafeez Butt also took part in this debating session that took place at UHS, he was of this viewpoint and comment that many of the universities are now admitting large in a number of students. They do not test their aptitude and caliber level and issue degrees to a large number of students.
  • In Pakistan, we have large in a number of universities but they are not doing any kind of qualitative research. The reason is that they do not have a qualified staff, their admitted students are not that much qualified. A university is an institute that creates and produces quality research work.

The Chairman of Punjab higher Education Commission commented that our universities are moving away from their target. They are just putting their attention on ranking and they are not carrying out any efforts to improve their academic culture. We need to think seriously now how can we improve our academic culture!

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