Karachi Ramadan Calendar 2018 Sehr Iftar Timings & Schedule Available Here

All of the Muslims out there are anxiously waiting for this Holy and blessed month of Ramadan. For the residents of Karachi, here is the Karachi Ramadan Calendar 2018. Through here, you will know about the exact and confirm Sehr and Iftar timings. This month of fasting shall be starting from 17 May 2018 and Muslims will have their last fast on 17th June 2018. In Pakistan, mostly Sehr timings will be 3:30 am and Iftar timings are 7:00 pm. Make sure that you do not affect your health in this fasting month because most of the people eat oil and fried dishes a lot.

Get the lighter and smaller meals in this month. Make lighter Iftari for yourself and then you can have substantial and balanced dinner. Avoid eating in one go. Give some rest to your body and have your meals after taking some sessions of break.

You should be eating slowly and you have chew thoroughly and completely your food. Get the foods in your Iftar time which are high and loaded with calories.

You can pass out and avoid having deep kind of fried appetizers. But you can for sure have high and best quality high calorie foods. Have some raw nuts seeds, get nut butters, avocado. All of these are the best sources when we talk about healthy fat. A balance should be seen on your plate.

Karachi Ramadan Calendar 2018 Sehr Iftar Timings & Schedule Available Here

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Fill your plate with carbohydrates and grains, load your plate with vegetables and with many protein sources. Do not forget that you have to carry out your exercise routine in this Ramadan month even if you are fasting. You should maintain and retain your current and present fitness level. Instead you can improve it as well. The best time to do exercise is to carry out right before you open your fast. In this way, you will instantly re-fuel yourself. You will not feel dehydrated.

Apart from the Karachi residents, if you are from Lahore or Islamabad, if you are a resident of Faisalabad then know about the Ramadan 2018 Sehr and Iftar timings from here. We wish in advance this Ramadan 2018 month to all of our Muslim brothers and sisters out there. May this month bring more love and unity, happiness and affection in our hearts and souls.


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