Marriage Ceremony According To Islam Nikah Wedding Procedure In Urdu

In Islam, Nikah is one of the sacred agreements between a husband and a wife. For the information, this Marriage in Islam has all the time been viewed and taken as a religious obligation. It is a kind of a contract that takes place between the couple and also Allah. Here, you can have a look at the Nikah wedding procedure according to Islam:

Marriage Ceremony According To Islam

  • In the community of Muslims, we have seen that the weddings take place by the signing of this nikah contract, it is a marriage contract. This Nikah ceremony can take place in the mosque, it can take place in the home.

Marriage Ceremony According To Islam Nikah

  • This Nikah includes the aspect of meher as well. You can say that it is a kind of formal statement that actually specifies the monetary amount. This amount is given by the groom to the bride. You must note that this Meher comprises of two parts. One part of the meher is made right before the marriage. The other part of meher is given by the groom to the bride throughout her life.
  • This deferred amount is usually in the form of money or in the form of land, this amount can come in the form of jewelry. This meher is a bride’s security. It is a guarantee of freedom and liberty for her.
  • Right in the nikah ceremony, we have seen that the groom made a proposal to the bride. In this ceremony, two witnesses should be there. Both the bride and groom accept this Nikah by saying work Qabul hai for 3 times. In the end, the groom and the bride and also those two witnesses sign this Nikah contract
  • When the Nikah ceremony gets ended, then bride and groom take blessings from their parents and elders. A recitation of Fatihah is also carried out.

The status of Nikah in the eyes of Islam is the highest one. It is a religious and most spiritual agreement between husband and wife and Allah.

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