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Pakistan Afghanistan Torkham Border Tensions

As we have been seeing that by far, no signs of decreasing tension are observed at the border sides of Pakistan and India. Just a few times back, both of these countries India and Pakistan shelled each of their territories. Currently, there has been a curfew imposed and inducted right at the Torkham bazar by the side of Pakistan. It is reported that Landi Kotal bazar has now been opened after getting closed for two days. Now, Afghan forces are continuing to have unrestrained firing at the Torkham Border.

Pakistan Afghanistan Torkham Border Tensions are increasing

Now, Afghanistan is pushing to resort this shelling process. Due to this shelling, total 5 of the frontier corps have been injured so far. All of the injured ones have been shifted to the CMH hospital. Because of this curfew at the Torkham border, the trade taking place between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been affected massively. Because of this troublesome curfew, all of the traffic and the entire vehicles and transport items have to make a stop right at a Torkham border. It is in news that the side of Pakistan will sooner be constructing a gate at their border side. This gate will be made near the Torkham border. Through this gate, proper checking and monitoring of people will be taken so that illegal people might not cross the border.

Need to have massive monitoring system at the Torkham border

If we want to have stable and friendly relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan then we need to make sure no conflicts rise between us. If friendly gestures will keep on be existing between these two countries then Indian border side will not give tension to us. We, that is Pakistan and Afghanistan side need to harmonize ourselves and should come up with complete monitoring and check systems at our own border sides.

Pakistan Afghanistan Torkham Border Tensions

It is because of these illegal entrants from both of the border sides that tensions are increasing day by day. Government and army, secret agencies and intelligence agencies should play their due role. There has to be a ceasefire and this issue should be solved through diplomatic means.

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