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Pakistan Defence Day Speech In English For Students Memories Of 6th September 1965

Pakistan Defence Day is the same day as the nation observed on 6th September 1965 and celebrate each year on the same day. The clear victory with the clear agenda to save Pakistan not from internal forces, as now a day, but from the eastern border, India. The attack still in minds of history because the attack was without any pre-alert and one can say it the attack without any provocation. If one talks about the lowest class and its views about the Pakistan Defence day then the views are so soothing in listening that gives a new world to enjoy. The stories history of defense day Pakistan is so attractive to share.

Pakistan Defence Day Speech In English For Students Memories Of 6th September 1965

The plot of those defense day stories remains one and only and that is about the victory over the evil enemy. These stories are about the clean and clear victory although history has something to share in different pace but Pakistani emotion made it on last result basis rather something not relate to start and mid of war. 6th September Pakistan was something different in contemporary times because at that time the only professional fighting men were there along with the armed forces.

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They paid the ultimate price for the whole and still the whole nation is appreciating it in best mode. As one reads about the emotions of Kuldip Nayyar about the 65 war that India was top in that conflict has nothing to do with the Pakistan’ emotions at all. In fact, there are many opposing scholars in India who think about the Pakistan Defence day in the same manner as Pakistani itself.

The face of facts presented by the 6th September 1965 would not let change the history by any kind of critical thinker of all the times to come. The first Story of Courage comes in Mind is about the Story of Maj Aziz Bhatti because he gives his life physically but still in alive as per Muslim’ belief. The another side of the speed of Pakistan Defence day history can see through the failed operation Gibraltar.

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6 september defence day speech

If one agrees with the Gibraltar and the one way to mission then the 6th September 1965 war was not unprovoked because it was just a reaction to such incomplete act.

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Another act was Op Grand Slam to Akhnur. These two incomplete acts showed that 6th September attack on India to Pakistan was not unprovoked from any side..

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