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How To Perform Shab-E-Qadr Namaz Salah, Salat In Urdu

This night of power will come on 27th Ramadan, here from this page, you will have the information about How to perform shab-e-qadr namaz salah. The night of the Shab e Qadr is one such nights in the Islamic history whose value and importance cannot be matched with rest of the nights in the whole year. It has been written down in the Holy Quran that the night of the Qadr is one such night that is better than thousands of other nights in the Islam.

You might do not know the fact that this one single night has been granted with the value of 83 year  nights. It has been mentioned out that this night can appear in the last ten days of the Ramadan month that is most probably in the odd number nights of Ramadan, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29.

You can either pray the whole ten days of the last Ashra of the Ramadan or you can just offer the prayers on the 27th night of the Ramadan. But performing the prayers in all the nights of the last ten days of the Ramadan will grant you with the blessings of almost 83 years of the worship. It is being reminded so many times in Holy Quran sayings that on these nights you should recite Holy Quran with its complete meaning as much as possible.

How To Perform Shab-E-Qadr Namaz Salah, Salat In Urdu

Shab e Qadr

Night of Qadr is the night when the Holy Quran was revealed out. By reciting the Quran you would be able to gain the benefit blessings of almost 700 hasanah or more by reciting each letter! You should strive as much as possible for the forgiveness in the mercy of Allah Almighty. Such person would be unfortunate if he or she would leave Ramadan would gaining the blessings of mercy from it.

Shab E Qadr English

In this night all your previous sins are washed away by the mercy of Allah. So it is important that you should devote more and more of your time in worshipping in these nights so that you can past and present sins as by means of the intention of not repeating them again. You should miss this extreme night of blessings which will arrive in this Shab-e-Qadr night form, pray and do the tasbeeh in this night and do the zikar of Allah as well. Allah will listen you during this night.

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