Protection Of Sacrificing Animals On Eid ul Azha In Pakistan

As we know that Eid ul Azha is all coming in Pakistan. This Eid is the name when animals give sacrifices. We sacrifice animals in the name of Allah. The important aspect of this Eid ul Azha which people usually forget that we have to take care of these animals as well. To fulfill this obligation and duty of sacrifice, we have to be careful as well. So how should your purchase an animal for sacrifice and how should you take care of it, below are some of the important guidelines:

Protection Of Sacrificing Animals on Eid ul Azha

  • For the sacrifice of animals on Eid ul Azha, you have to buy a healthy animal. It should not be having any health and disease issues. If you visit any animal mandi or animal market then buy always that animal which is kept in some shelter. Your purchased animal should be tick free. These ticks are the cause of congo virus. You should spray your animals so that these ticks can be identified on them.
  • All the loaders and truck owners, once they load of the animals for sacrifice then they should right away spray their loaders and trucks. This process of spraying their loaders and trucks will make their trucks safe and protected. At the same time, this spraying will also keep the animals for sacrifice safe and sound and animals will stay away from these ticks.

Sacrifice of animals on Eid ul Azha

  • If you are bringing the animals for sacrifice from some other province then at the province border, these animals should be registered. These animals should be checked and registered at the veterinary check post. The team of veterinary will be spraying your animals so that they can become protected from diseases.

If you want to have more information about this aspect of protection of sacrifice of animals then you can call on this number, 08000-9211. You can too make a visit to the centers of Department of livestock and dairy development government of Punjab. Let us all celebrate this Eid ul Azha by fulfilling our duty in a proper way. More of the guidelines on this important aspect will be given to you.

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  1. Please share the sales point for these animals for 2016 in Lahore.

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