Quds Day 2017 Last Friday Of Ramadan In Pakistan

For the information, this International Quds Day is usually held right on the last Friday of Ramadan. It had been initiated and started by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The basic aim and purpose of this annual event are to express and show support for the people of Palestine. This International Quds Day is also started so that people can well oppose Zionism. This is a day to show that you are against Israel’s existence. This day let us remembet that we are against Israel’s control of Jerusalem so Quds Day 2017.

International Quds Day History

It should be noted that this Quds is the real and actual name of the city of Jerusalem. The history of Quds Day tells us that Jerusalem actually and in real belong to the people of Palestine. It is an international solidarity day. On this day, we express and show our solidarity towards this oppressed people. If one want to show that he or she is the existence and present of Israel and if one want to show support for the people of Palestine then this International Quds Day is the day for you.

International Quds Day is a universal day

It is a universal day because this day lets us remember that we have to stand against the arrogant people. This annual event is well marked in all of the Muslim and also in the Arab countries. Each and every year, we have been seeing and witnessing Quad Day protests in the Muslim countries like that of in east Asia. Protests also take place in the USA and also in Canada, in the European countries like that of in France and in Sweden. We see Muslim people of Germany and UK celebrating this International Quds Day.

Quds Day 2017 Last Friday Of Ramadan In Pakistan

Quds Day Last Friday Of Ramadan 1st July 2016 In Pakistan

It is the time that we should be supporting our people of Palestine and take them out from the oppression and cruelty of Isreal people. Let us all Muslim countries join hands and celebrate this International Quds Day with some strong promises.

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