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Reason Behind Killing Of Amjad Sabri He Had No Enemies

Yesterday, we got to hear this terribly sad news that Amjad Sabri had been shot dead and killed. This incident happened when he was driving his car. His car was there at the Liaquatabad No 10. We should also pray for this departed soul of Amjad Sabri. They were five brothers. They were the sons of the famous Sabri Brothers. 2 of their brothers have left them and then they become three brothers. The family Amjad Sabri is broken now. They cannot digest this news that this pure man is no more with us.

mjad Sabri family

He had a wife. He had three sons and also two daughters. The oldest boy is just 12 years old. This tragic and sad shooting incident cannot be accepted by any one of us. He was the man who had a gentle soul. He was a simple and also a straightforward man. He was so much down-to-earth person. You will not believe but yes he had no enemies.

Amjad Sabri loves to have paan and playing cricket and carom

His most favorite kind of paan was used to be made with tobacco. Do you know that this greatest of all qawwals used to love playing this dubb oo, yes it is! He loves to play carom.

Reason Behind Killing Of Amjad Sabri He Had No Enemies

Reason Behind Killing Of Amjad Sabri

AHe used to be a fine cricketer as well. He took part in many of the friendly cricket matches and he used to be an off-spinner there in those matches. He used to do excellent fielding.

Reason Behind Killing Of Amjad Sabri He Had No Enemies


Amjad Sabri had qawwali in his blood. His death is a terrible loss for all of us. His killers should be given severe punishment. The lives of people should be made secure and protected. We cannot lose such kind of men like Amjad Sabri on and off. May Allah rest his soul in peace and may this man be given highest place in heaven.

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