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Sasta Ramzan Bazar In Lahore 2017 Gulberg, Shalimar, Iqbal Town, Samanabad

The sasta ramzan bazar in lahore finally announced in different areas where everyone can buy anything in cheap rates. In ramadan the government of Pakistan helps out the people and offers the low rated things for the people who are not able to buy expensive things for the aftri and sehri in ramzan. Buil the sasta ramdan in most of the area that covers the all populations of the city. Because of sasta bazaar things that are essential for the life people can buy at very reasonable prize and all kind of things are available at the sasta bazaar.

Government is responsible for the availability of the things. In ramdan sasta bazaar is a good news for the people of Pakistan people can get fruits and so many other things that a mediocre peron could not buy for themselves. Government of Pakistan makes sure that this ramdan sasta bazaar provide the full facility for the people of Pakistan. For this purpose they divide the city according to the towns.

For the example, Lahore is divided in to 9 towns and other areas are covered by the sasta bazaar at that place that people can easily approach the bazaar for the grocery that places are 31 in Lahore.

Government has appointed the staff for the monitoring of the ramdan sasta bazaar and monitors and makes sure the quality of food and the quantity of the things in sasta ramdam bazar and there is also placed a complaint box for the people and said that by the government that the complain will be notes as soon as possible and try to remove the unwanted factor from the sasta ramzan bazaar.

Sasta Ramzan Bazar In Lahore 2017 Gulberg, Shalimar, Iqbal Town, Samanabad

There are focal persons and in charge giving their services for the people and phone numbers are also available for the complain. in gulberg town of the Lahore five sasta ramzan bazar are placed for the people of Gulberg town that are called model town road, makkah colony, barkat market garden town, baab Pakistan Walton road and cante. Galib market crircuit ground.

Sasta Ramzan Bazar In Lahore

And in nashtar town 4 bazaar , in ravi town 3 bazaar, in samnanabad town 3 bazaar, in data gang bakhsh tawon 3 bazaar, in iqbal town 5 bazaar, in wagh town 2 bazaar, in aziz bhati town three bazaar, in Shalimar town 3 sasta bazar are placed for the help to people of Pakistan.



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