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Shab e Barat 15 Shaban Prayer Nawafil In Urdu 2017

The 15th date of Shaban month in Islamic calendar known as Shab e Barat. Many scholars of all sects in Islam termed it similar to Shab e Qadr in terms of importance in Islam. The importance of the night is more because it is being narrated by all books of hadith equally. There are many narrations about the importance of Shab e Barat. The one of those is Shab e Barat the whole year activities would be evaluated in this night. Muslims are being practiced prayers at an individual as well as collective level in Masjid because Shab e Barat 15 Shaban Prayer Nawafil In Urdu.

1st Part

There are sufficient lightening can be seen here at masjid by collective funds as well as houses lightning at individual bases. The hadith of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) quoted by Hazrat Ali (A.S.) about the importance of Shab e Barat 15 Shaban. Hazrat said that one should pray in whole night and fast in the day. It is sure that the whole night from start to morning is full of blessings.


2nd Part

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3rd Part
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Shab e Barat 15 Shaban Prayer Nawafil In Urdu

The Islamic Belief that the one voice came from the ALLAH that if anybody in interested in getting the Jannah he should come and pray on this night. It is the night full of blessings and shows that how a man with no good deed can transform into a new man as he was after birth. It is the night that act likes the eraser of sins of a man.

Shab e Barat Transmission With Aamir Liaquat Hussain

The second thing is being narrated by several hadith that it is the night best for those have no earning source.

shab e barat nawafil nafil namaz

The source of income is being reevaluated throughout the night and Bad Luck become good luck. The same voice came for the livelihood perspective so those persons can earn to survive in coming life.

shab e barat namaz rules in urdu

Imam Zain ul Abadeen (A.S.) said in Shab e Barat perspective that one person who has wished that 1 Lakh 24 Thousands of Prophets comes and meet him then he should recite Ziarat Imam e Hussain (A.S.) in this Shab e Barat.

shab e barat namaz niyat In Urdu

The 15th day is also celebrated as the birthday of Imam Mehdi (A.S.) who would  come and applies the law of equality in this world as Muslim belief.

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