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Shab E Qadr History In Urdu How To Pray In This Night

Each of the Muslim has this information that night of blessings which we know with the name of Shab e Qadr, it is observed on 27th Ramadan. Though Holy Prophet peace be upon Him has said so, Muslims should pray in the odd nights. He himself used to pray much and with intensity in the odd nights of Ramadan month and that too in the last 10 days. This night of decree is followed on 27th Ramadan.

You can pray on the 21st, 23rd, 25th Ramadan as well. Allah will give you equal amount of blessings and rewards for these odd night praying as well. Here we will give you the information about this Shab e Qadr history in urdu.  We will also tell you that how you should pray in this night. This is the night of intense amount of blessings.

On this night, Allah reveal on us Holy Quran. On this night, Allah reveal the first verses of Quran on us. This is the great and blessed, holy and powerful night because this holy night has the potential to remove and wipe off your old sins.

Shab E Qadr History In Urdu How To Pray In This Night

The history of this night of fate is great in its way. This is the night which only come for one and single time in one year. Then you have to wait for it for the whole year.

Shab e Qadr

This night praying has the extreme amount of weightage in it. If you have not prayed for 83 years and 4 months then pray during this whole night and Allah will compensate this praying loss of yours. This is the powerful and gigantic night, this night is far better than the night of 83 yeas because during the duration of this night, Allah remove your past sins from your life.

Shab E Qadr History Urdu

Shab E Qadr English

Nawafil For Shab E Qadr

You can further check out the history of this Night of measure Shab e Qadr from this page. Do recite many of the surahs on this night. You should recite Surat Qadr many of the time. Allah is one and great and we have the complete believe on this fact but what about our sins? To have the forgiveness of your sins, this night of Shab e Qadr on 27th Ramadan is all coming up. So avail this beautiful night and bring more peace and contentment, cleanliness and purity in your lives.

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