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Shab E Qadr Ki Raat Ki Namaz 27 Ramadan Night of Power

Shab e Qadr will be coming on 27 Ramadan, all the Muslims who have been waiting for this golden, it will come on 27 Ramadan. Here on this page, you will get an informative piece as well about the Shab e Qadr ki raat ki namaz. This namaz has no fixed rule. You can perform the nafals, you can have the tasbeek and zikar for your Allah.

Well, we all know the importance of the night of Shab e Qadr but there are many of us who dont even know what we have to perform on this night. Do you know what activities you actually have to perform during the nights of Qadr? Do you know what is the actual meaning behind the existence of these nights? Scroll down and get complete information about the concept of Shab e Qadr:

First and most important of all, you should be performing the night of Qadr after getting finished off with your Isha prayers. You should be reading the Tarawih and the Witr prayers too. This is how you will be achieving the reward of praying in this whole night that is known by the name of Laylat’l-Qadr.

Shab E Qadr Ki Raat Ki Namaz 27 Ramadan Night of Power

  • If you are not willing to perform the prayers in all the ten last days of the Ramadan, then it is advisable that you should choose one night and perform it completely with the Imam with Witr. This is said out to be the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon Him) during the month of the Ramaḍān.

Shab e Qadr

    • You should be offering as many duas as possible before the Fajr time starts off. As soon as the time of the Fajr will start the night of Qadr comes to an end portion.
    • If you are not able to perform the nights of Qadr, then on its place you should give out plenty of Sadqah as much as possible.
    • You should read the Holy Quran all with its complete meanings. You should just be paying all of the attention and focus on the mercy of the Allah Almighty.

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  • You should make sure that you have kept your tongue busy all the time in the remembrance of Allah Almighty.

So none of the muslims should miss this night of decree and night of fate of their lives. They have to pray during this holy night. Stay in touch to know more about this blessed night of Shab e Qadr.

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