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Shab E Qadr Namaz Rules In Urdu, Qadr Rules, And Roza

Right on 27th Ramadan, this Shab e Qadr will come, you should pray during this night and you should also try to observe fast during this time. From this page, you will get the details about Shab e Qadr namaz rules in urdu. The qadr rules are not fix, you can offer any sort of prayers in the form of tasbeeh and zikar, you can do nafal and recitation. You can observe your roza too. So have the idea for Shab E Qadr Namaz Rules Urdu

Since the time of the Islamic long history the concept or you can say the tradition of performing in the devotion of Allah in the last ten days of Ramadan has been taking place. It started all the way through the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) who used to strive so hard and complete dedication in remembrance of Allah Almighty and gain his blessings.

Since that time this tradition has been existing and it is being stated that Muslims should prayer the whole night in the name of Allah. This night has the immense value of 83 year nights of the prayers. This night is basically known as “Shab e Qadr” as night of blessings. This night is performed in the odd night days of the last ten days of the Ramadan that makes 21, 23, 25, 27, 29. According to the Islamic scholars, 27th Ramadan is the actual night of the Shab e Qadr.

Shab E Qadr Namaz Rules In Urdu, Qadr Rules, And Roza

This night has so much value and importance in Islam, that it is being said that this night gives you the chance to wash out all your previous sins.

Shab E Qadr English

This night has the importance that is greater than so many other nights of the whole year. For performing this night, all the Muslims starts gathering in mosques after the performance of Isha prayer. Females do perform their prayers in houses.
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If in case you are not able to perform the nights of the Qadr then in that condition, the Muslims should give out the Zakat or Sadqah on their side. You can perform in any of the nights of the odd numbers. Some of the Muslims do prefer to devote them for Allah remembrance in the whole last ten days of the Ramadan month.  This Shab e Qadr will wait for you on 27th Ramadan so do come on this night so that you can pray for you Allah.

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