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Shab e Qadr Prayers Urdu Raat Nawafil Prayers Namaz Rakat

This night of blessings and much rewards, it will come on 27th Ramadan. You should try to pray on Shab e Qadr night because this night will wash out all of your old and past sins. Who ever will pray on this night, his previous sins will be wiped off. From this page, you will have the details about Shab e Qadr prayers urdu. During this night, you can perform namaz and you can perform your nawafil.

For the information of all of the readers and viewers, we would like to mention and tell that the night of Shab e Qadr is considered and marked to be the Night of Decree and power, Night of fate and measures in Islam.

It is mostly known by the name of the Laylat-al-Qadr in the world of Islam. In Islam this night is named out with the power of the night and this is for the reason that this night do hold a prominent and significance for the Islamic communities. If you want to wash away all your past and old sins and wants to be successful in other world after death then this night of Qadr is the best chance for you.

Shab e Qadr Prayers Urdu Raat Nawafil Prayers Namaz Rakat

The night of the Shab e Qadr usually arrives in the last ten days of the Ramadan month as it is performed in the odd number days of the Ramadan last Ashra. This night do hold the importance level that is equal to almost 83 years of praying.

Shab e Qadr

It is being known fact that on the night of Qadr, the Holy Quran was revealed on the Holy Prophet for the guiding path of the human beings. It is stated in Holy Quran that in the night of Qadr, Muslims should be devoting their each single second in the name of the Allah Almighty for gaining his blessings.
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Importance And History Of Shab e Qadar In Islam In Urdu English
This is the just night in the whole year nights that will protect you from the fire of Hell. Such Muslisms are favorites among Allah Almighty list who will perform their whole night in the worship of Allah.  This night is powerful as it do provides Muslims with the sole chance in which they can wash away all of their past sins.

Very soon Shab e Qadr night is coming so don’t miss the chance to gain the blessings of Allah from this night! So you have to pray during this night of Shab e Qadr so that you can avail this chance to remove your sins and can make yourself free from this fire of hell.

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