Taraweeh Prayer Method In Urdu Namaz E Taraweeh Ka Tareeqa

In the month of Ramadan, Muslims fully and whole heartedly perform Namaz E Taraweeh after Isha prayer. You can either perform this Namaz alone and you can pray it in the form of congreggation.You will get more rewards if you will be praying it in the form of congreggation. taraweeh ka tarika in urdu at this page. Know about the proper Taraweeh Prayer Method In Urdu from here. This Namaz is Sunnat for both of the Muslim men and Muslim women. This prayer is usually offered and performed in Ramadan month. You can offer this prayer after your Isha prayer and its time is till before Subha Sadiq. So Muslims have plenty amount of time to offer this Namaz E Taraweeh.

The instructions to perform this prayer is mentioned here. For the information, Tarawih is 20 rakats in total. It is actually prayed in sets of 10. Each set consist of 2 rakats each. When you will read your Farz and rakats of Sunnat in your Isha prayer then you will stand up and and make a Niyat for 2 of the rakats each and every time.You will pray and perform these 2 rakats in a normal way likewise you do in rest of your prayers.

Once you will read your 2 rakats of Taraweeh Prayer then you will follow this same process for exact 9 times. Muslims have to pray total 20 Rakats. Rigth after each and every 4 Rakats, it is suggested that you can sit and take a rest for 2 to 5 minutes. Allah is all understanding, that is why He has given this option to Muslims that they can have some rest after each of the 4 rakats during their Namaz E Taraweeh.

Taraweeh Prayer Method In Urdu Namaz E Taraweeh Ka Tareeqa

This is the period of Qiyamat and it can last and prolong from 2 minutes to  about 5 minutes. After each of your 4 rakats, you should too recite special dua for Taraweeh. As soon as 20 rakats are done, you can then perform your Witr for your Isha Namaz.

Taraweeh Prayer Method In Urdu

The method to perform Taraweeh prayer is so simple taraweeh ka tarika . It is just 20 rakats and you only have to offer in one single month of Ramadan. Allah will shower uncountable blessings and gifts on you if you will make this small effort to offer this namaz during Ramadan month. Make this month of Ramadan more a blessed one for you by doing excessive praying.

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