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Test Your Knowledge Of Kashmir Issue Quiz India Pakistan Best For Students

Kashmir Issue is a bone of contention between India and Pakistan. It is because of this issue that both of the countries fail to develop friendly and peaceful relations between. It is since years that our Kashmiri people have been fighting for their independence, they are fighting to get freedom. Kashmir has always been the part of Pakistan, we share history, we share geography, we share norms and religion. Our Pakistani government should now take a serious notice of this issue, they should be giving their Kashmiri people their due right. Here, check out this Kashmir quiz, you should also know the details and history of this issue.

Kashmir Issue

Test Your Knowledge Of Kashmir Issue Quiz

How many total in a number of wars Pakistan and India have fought so far? The answer is they have fought 3 wars. War of 1947, 1956 and the Kargil War in 1999.

Do you know that when did the very first ceasefire took place between the Indian held Kashmir and that Azaad Kashmir? In 1949, 1947, 1951, 1953? The answer is 1st Jan 1949.

When the very first wave of militancy was actually started in Kashmir? In 1967, 1950, 1949, 1989? The answer is in 1989, some of the armed insurgents right away exploded in Kashmir. It was the time when the Soviet troops were withdrawing from Afghanistan.

Which country raised and highlighted this issue of Kashmir in the year 1948 in the UN security council? Pakistan, India or China? The answer is India. This country India raised this Kashmir issue in 1948 and asked for the plebiscite request in UN security council.

Do you know that what was LOC used to be called before 1971? Options are control line, Durand Line, Mcmahon line or ceasefire line. The answer is, this LOC used to be balled before ceasefire line. Then Simla agreement was signed in 1972 and the name was changed to LOC.

Tell us that how much of the Kashmiri territory had been handed over and given to China according to the agreement of 1963? Options are 1000 square miles, 2000 sq miles, 5000 sq miles or 8000 sq miles. The answer is 2000 sq miles, this agreement was signed on 2nd March 1963.

Which of the Pakistani government had actually signed the Simla agreement? Options are, Zulfiqar Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif or Musharraf. The answer is Zulfiqar Bhutto. The purpose of this agreement is to build peaceful relations between the two countries.

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Is is true that Nawaz Sharif supported this Kashmir issue in his UN speech that was presented in the year 1998? Is it True or False? It is true.

Kashmir Issue Quiz score: 8/8

Kashmir issue should be solved now.

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