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Zakat Calculator In Pakistani Rupees 2018 How To Calculate Zakat On Gold In Rupees

It is important and obligatory for each and every Muslim out there to give Zakat. If you are one of the Sahibe Nisab Muslims then this Zakat is compulsory on you. It is according to the teachings of Shariah that on your total wealth, you have to give 2.5% of zakat. If yu have 7.5 tola gold, if a muslim has 52.5 tola silver then he is liable to complete this process. If you have any sort of cash or any kind of business commodity which is equivalent to 52.5 tola silver then it is a must and foremost compulsory on you to complete this zakat process. If you have bank savings, if you are the owner of gold and silver reserves, if you have excess cash and if you are owner of excessive business lines then you are a Sahibe Nisab Muslim and Zakat is must on you. The details of zakat calculator Pakistani rupees 2018 are here!

Allah has ordered us to pay zakat because this cycle and process balance the status of rich and poor. Their should be equivalence in society. One should neither be that much rich and one should nor be that much poor.

When Zakat is deducted from our reserves then this cutting is usually given to the poor. Bank accounts also cut down this zakat from our accounts. If you have Rs 35000 cash or more in your account then you are liable to give this donation. Some people allow banks to make this deduction, other perform this obligation on their own.

Zakat Calculator In Pakistani Rupees 2018 How To Calculate Zakat On Gold In Rupees

So if you have 7.5 tola of gold or more then zakat is compulsory on it.

Zakat Calculation Way In Urdu

To give zakat on this gold reserve of yours, first this gold will be converted into cash then you will know how much zakat is a must on it! Make sure that you do follow this process. Allah has ordered to abide this process.


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To help the poor section of community, to maintain the balance between the rich and poor people one should perform this zakat obligation. Allah has given us this excess cash and gold, silver reserves and we have to return it. This excess money and reserves should returned to the poor community in this form of Zakat. Stay tuned so that we can more tell you about the highlighting facts of this important pillar of Islam.

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