English Assessment Scheme 2017 For 10th Class Of Lahore Board

If you are from 10th grade and you are searching for this English Assessment Scheme For 10th Class All Lahore Board then here you are! This english is an important subject for you if you are from this 10th class. This subject is a part of both of the arts and also science group students. Here, at this page, we are sharing the assessment scheme of this English paper. If you are from any of the exam board of this Punjab province then you need to clearly go through this assessment method. This English paper is a scoring subject. If you will know about its assessment criteria then this subject will become more easier for you. Below are the important points and details of this scheme for the subject of English for 10th class:

  • In this English paper of 10th grade, you will get the objective paper first, then you have to solve the subjective questions.
  • This paper has total and maximum marks 75. You will have 2:30 minutes to get done and finish this paper.

English Assessment Scheme For 10th Class

  • First you will have the paper of MCQs. These MCQs are related to the sections of spellings and synonyms. You will have MCQs about antonyms and prepositions, grammatical sentences.
  • From the subjective section, first you have to solve the short in length questions and answers. This section has a choice. These questions will come from the lessons and chapters of your text book.
  • Then you have to do the translation. This translation passage will come from your English book of 10th class.

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  • Summary of the poem or do the paraphrasing of poem. It is up to you. This question of summary or paraphrasing also gives the choice to the student. Then you will see this question of essay writing or it can be the paragraph writing. It is totally up to you that whether you want to attempt this essay question or you want to attempt this paragraph writing question.
  • After this, you will see the question of pair words. You will too do the translation of a passage from Urdu to English.

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If you want to get more of the information about this English Assessment Scheme For 10th Class All Lahore Board then stay tuned and in touch with us. We will update you. Do prepare well for your 10th grade exams 2017. Good luck for your papers.

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