In 2016, when the student is searching for the organized data here in Pakistan, one observes that no one among many online portals in Pakistan is providing it. The organized data according to the student of Pakistan is about to get all the relevant information at one place. For example, Nation Testing Service In Pakistan has been announcing various jobs opportunities with the collaboration of public sectors entities in Pakistan and know About Us.

Those entities are bounded to behave with NTS rules and regulations. Instead of such a new and creative move, they forget to build systems of Sample papers of Nations Testing Service Program here in Pakistan for the student community.  In short, Google Inc. The vision was not enhanced by those online portals, communities. Google vision is to provide organized data and information to all in the whole world was compromised.

About Us

One observes it and proud to announce such online community with organized data for the student in Pakistan. The education category here in this publishing panel is all about the students of Pakistan and dedicated to providing them the systematic way of dealings with exams, results, date sheets, sample papers, merits lists, education news as well as every new up gradation in the Education sector of Pakistan. These advantages are being taken by many students in Pakistan right now.

Vision Statement

“to provide access to the Student’ information to Students in Pakistan in one click.”

Mission Statement

“to organize the education information from Pakistan and make it accessible and useful for Students in Pakistan.”


Goals And Objectives

To Be a One of the Largest Local Student Place or Café where Students came start discussion about;

  • Education
  • Positive Pakistan
  • Personalities of Pakistan
  • Business in Pakistan
  • Updated and Contemporary technological (mobiles, laptops, students gadgets)
  • Mindsets among Students
  • Political aspect of Pakistan
  • Sports Fans among students
  • Health issues
  • Food lovers
  • Viewpoints from different Pakistani students and last but not the least is
  • Entertainment industry in Pakistan