The website targets Pakistan in wide approach and Lahore in specific. Most of the age groups are the target audience of this website. For example, the purpose pf website to give organize information to students within Pakistan. The student community specifically 5th and 8th class have no knowledge how to obtain information. Many unofficial websites deliver wrong information about their career and ultimately student suffered a lot so here is Lahorecafe. has the vision to provide those students a platform where they can feel safe and centered in approach. After getting the exact information platform for 5th and 8th class, inter part 1 with ICOM, ICS, Pre-medical, pre-engineering DBA, CA students are welcome to get as much information as they want to have. The contact us page basically for those who wants to contact us with regard to any kind of issues they face during their study life. Further students can learn how to obtain required information for their studies online.

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The big platform with big rules and regulation is not a motive of us we are grounded team with local level helpdesk more than anything else. The target audience would feel safe here on this platform and they have the opportunity to communicate with us what kind of issues they are facing. If we have remedies to remove those issues we will. If we have no solutions then we can guide students in education, technology lovers with latest technology trends and sports lovers with cricket and soccer platform.


History Of Lahore

The Kabaddi in Pakistan is a game but the information about the Kabaddi is nowhere available so the end user in Pakistan has to suffer due to this issue. It is highly recommended for the users of our website to stay with us as well communicate your issue as deep as possible. We exist because you admired us and gave us the opportunity to grow in Pakistani market.