CA Admission In Pakistan 2024 SKANS School Of Accountancy

To get admission in SKANS School Of Accountancy, they have opened their CA admission process From 24th Aug 2024, your classes of this CA program will be started. If you want to get discount then you should be registering right before the date of 22nd Aug 2024. Check their official website and know details of their CA program in detail. so the information about CA Admission Pakistan SKANS School Accountancy here

History of SKANS School Of Accountancy

In year of1992, this SKANS School of Accountancy was formed. It is a kind of school that give supportive and best of the engaging kind of learning environment to their students.  This school has always give winning and mind blowing excellent results and this is the result of their dedicated and experienced faculty. This school has inducted highly qualified and best of the experienced staff which is all committed to help out and guide students right in their endeavors.

This school has its vision and too mission that they will not only be producing professional and best business managers but they will also be training them so that they can come out from their shells and caves and become one of the responsible citizens.

While studying from this school, you will be getting coveted and exceptional executive positions. You will become a powerful leader in this business world. Their degrees are recognized and marked right at the global level platform. This school is striving regularly and continuously so that they can hand over and give quality education to their students. They have art purpose kind of built campuses, their infrastructure and also facilities present in their school campuses are unmatched.

CA Admission In Pakistan 2024 SKANS School Of Accountancy


This school give unique and golden opportunity to all of their students so that they can access world class standards of business education. This school is a well reputed and most well established accountancy institution working in Pakistan. This school has been respected and it is also recognized globally and internationally scale.

CA degree program by SKANS

ACCA CA CIMA Admission In Pakistan 2017 Advertisement

CA stands for  Chartered Accountancy. It is one of the rewarding careers and while you will finish with this degree, you will get an excellent career prospects right within Pakistan and too at the abroad level. For your information, this ICAP is the only professional body of this field of Chartered Accountants working in Pakistan. This ICAP has approximately and about 4000 members and they are currently and at the present stage working in by far 35 countries. This SKANS has made advancements in the theoretical and practical field of of Accountancy. They have improved the fields of auditing and financial management, they have the fields of taxation and too management consultancy advanced.

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