HEC Recognized Institutions In Pakistan Ranking 2018 Foreign Degree Program

The interest to acquire foreign degree always a big wish for students and parents as well. Students are ready to struggle hard as well as the parents are ready to spend much for kids higher education. The only reason is one the affiliation of foreign degree so that they can come here in Pakistan with dignity. Now it becomes a social symbol for students and parents to get the foreign degree so that they may address challenges in Pakistan about the Job in HEC Recognized Institutions In Pakistan Ranking 2018

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Most of the students try hard to make the foreign degree but they feel best in a foreign country rather coming back in Pakistan. The Pakistani culture is not optimistic towards such attitude of western culture. Pakistan is now making a hard effort to initiate foreign degree and split degree program in Pakistan from a public institution such as Higher Education Commission. HEC is also offering the same wish of students and parents so that anyone can achieve it and return back to the country after becoming a resource rather expense for the society.

HEC Recognized Institutions In Pakistan Ranking 2018 Foreign Degree Program

Superior University Lahore is W category institution allowed to make efforts for students in the split degree program. The split degree program is first and the foremost program remains competitive with other institutions in Pakistan. There are many local institutions that may be recognized from HEC but not allowed to make the foreign degree programs in Pakistan. HEC has issued the list of recognized local institutions offering approved foreign degree program in Pakistan. The issuance of the list showed that there would be no issue within the HEC towards political influence within the institution.

Superior University Ranking

List Of HEC Recognized Campuses Of Public And Private Sector Institutions

Those students and parents should consider the list only to get such move for the student in higher education platform. The international linkage is not such enough for the institution. Now institutions should consider the formal route to launch foreign degree program. The quality education is the good and ultimate goal of HEC to propagate those activities. The proper channel devised for institutes so that they can apply for foreign degree implementation for the student of Pakistan.

Still there are black ships in such business mindsets. The profit-making activities in the education sector is not an issue what is the issue is the lowest quality trend indeed that is negating the role of those institutes offering approved foreign degrees program in Pakistan. The implication of foreign degree by Pakistan’ HEC shown serious concerns towards the quality of life at an academic level.

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  1. i am studying in MS Construction and Engineering Management from Superior University Lahore .Can i go for split study in any foreign University in same program ???


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