Zika Virus Dengue Fever Protection Methods In Urdu How To Avoid In Pakistan

We have seen that this Dengue Fever and also Zoka virus are rapidly spreading in Pakistan. It is the time that we should be taking some precautionary measure to stay away from this Dengue Fever and also Zika virus. For the information, this virus is usually and most of the time spread when dengue mosquito will bite you up. If this mosquito will be biting any pregnant woman then their baby brain nourishment and growth will be affected in a negative way. If dengue mosquito will bite the expecting mothers then their baby brain will come out to be smaller in size. We can avoid Zika Virus Dengue Fever in and for that one has to read such description in urdu.

You have to keep your surroundings neat, clean and dry. You should be wearing full sleeve shirt. You should apply anti-mosquito lotion on yourself so that mosquitos might not come near yourself. You should dispose of and discard all the wastage items of your house.

Precautionary measures for this Dengue Fever and Zika virus

  • You should be covering your water utensils. All of your utensils should be covered up properly.
  • If you are not using your room cooler then make sure that there should be no water in your room cooler. If there will water in your room cooler then there are chances that mosquitos will enter in that room cooler of yours.
  • All of the pregnant women and expecting mother should be taking a lot of care. They should stay away from these mosquitos.

Zika Virus Dengue Fever Protection Methods In Urdu How To Avoid In Pakistan

Zika Virus Dengue Fever Protection Methods In Urdu

This is how you will be staying away from this Zika virus and Dengue Fever. If you will become a victim of this dangerous kind of viruses then your health will be massively affected and it will take a long time to treat this Dengue Fever of yours. You should take all of these precautionary measures. You should try your best that your home and surroundings should be made neat and dry as well as clean enough.

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