Career After FSC In Pakistan Top Best Fields After Pre Medical, Pre Engineering Jobs

Check complete details of career after FSC in Pakistan from this page. This FSC has two divisions in it and they are pre medical and pre engineering. Here our large focus will be on field programs of pre medical group. So if you have studied this program of FSC and you want to know and have idea that which career are opened for the students of pre medical and which future pathways are opened for pre engineering students then here is the information for you

Field of MBBS

These FSC pre medical students can have career of MBBS, this degree is of bachelor of medicine and also bachelor of surgery. It is 5 year program. This is basic degree and basic program of medicine and surgery. For FSC pre medical students, this MBBS is an appropriate field for them.

Field of pharmacy

Then these FSC pre medical candidates can have option of studying pharmacy. It is also 5 years of program studies and here students are linked with pharmaceutical industry. This field is largely preferred by female FSC students.

Field of dental surgery

Then here is this BDS field which is opted by large number of FSC pre medical students. In this field, students learn all about dental surgery studies. This BDS degree is of 5 years and many FSC students largely prefer to have this BDS degree.

Career After FSC In Pakistan Top Best Fields After Pre Medical, Pre Engineering Jobs

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Field of nursing

Then we have field of nursing which is also made for these pre medical students. You can have occupation as male nurse or as female nurse. It is a simple job line and have chances of promotion too. Once you will have job as assistant nurse or junior nurse then you can later on be moved on to senior nurse level.

Field of homeopathic medicine

These FSC students can link with this field of homeopathic medicine as well. This field is all about herbal medicine field. You can have diplomas and certain courses in this program. Large people from Pakistan prefer to have their medicines from homeopathic industry as well.

Field of psychologist

Then as a psychologist as well, you can serve in the field of medicine. If you have studied subject of science and psychology in your Inter level then you can further specialize in subject of psychology.

Field of nutritionist

These pre medical applicants can as well serve as nutritionist. They can have their home economics degree all specialized in the field of nutrition or they can have bachelors degree in food and nutrition.

Field of agricultural medicine

This field og agricultural medicine is only made for these inter FSC students. After doing your simple and basic FSC studies, you can specialize and can get further education in this field.

career after fsc pre engineering in pakistan

Field of engineering

Now coming to these pre engineering students. As during their inter studies program, they have studied subjects of physics, chemistry and maths, that means they can and have options of doing their bachelor studies in electrical, mechanical, chemical, civil aviation engineering.

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